Principle of Nothing

The principle of nothing There’s always a time do everything and anything but what about making time for nothing? Is being busy being really busy? Is filling, packing and stacking our time with anything and everything good for us., good for you? Being busy us good of course, it can be productive, it can reap…

Repeat Repeat Repeatist

1,300 civilians dead. 300 soldiers and police dead. In other words around 20 people slaughtered everyday on the streets of Syria since March. I could cry, could you? Not just Syria though is it? A rifle through the palaces of Ex-Tunisian Prime minister uncovered almost 2kg (4.4lb) of drugs, believed to be cannabis, and $27m…

Abolitionist Posse

It’s easy to forget if you watch the news that Egypt was once a World power. They were actually the dominant nation on planet Earth, just like the USA is today.

They built huge monoliths, astonishing Pyramids, heart stopping temples, a system simple of mathematics, an independent writing system, super effective systems for medicines and art that is sought after today along with it’s supreme architecture and ability to control the ever-flooding Nile with a controlled form of irrigation and dams.

I could go on, I won’t and I won’t claim to be a historian of any kind.